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The ultimate mission to the Blue Note brand is to provide people with a garment that would provide the best representation of a hard working individual. Reflecting others with hope & motivation with the product while its been worn. We want people to be inspired not just through out music but with something that can be worn as well. Blue Note is more than just a clothing brand is a life style something that you can feel and be touched by.

The influence & inspiration that all came to the brand as it was building its way to what it is now came from daily living struggle. Also futuristic things that are out of the ordinary, being different. Really just trying to make it & be someone in life with a purpose that can lead others to follow a positive role, so they can adjust it to their own. The whole Blue Note crew are my inspirations because everyone has a different role & talent that we all keep things moving by learning off each other.


Size & Fit
All Shirts fit true to size. We proudly print on Alstyle.

Shipping Info:
Once you place an order, please allow 3-4 days for us to process your order.
All products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

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